How to use Kumkumadi tailam

A beginner's guide to use Kumkumadi oil for a glowing face: Know what's the right method here.

From ancient times, people have sought to make beauty potions that can illuminate the skin and give a pleasant glow. There is a global growing demand for cosmetic products as people seek to create the perfect look. One such powerful product considered to be a beauty secret is Kumkumadi oil (Kumkumadi Tailam). Kumkumadi oil is an Ayurvedic recipe popular for its skin lightening properties and ability to give a golden glow. This oil is suitable for almost all skin types. So, you need to know how to use Kumkumadi tailam for your specific skin type in order to get its maximum benefits.

How to use Kumkumadi tailam?

Do you want to know how to apply Kumkumadi tailam for your face? Here is a regimen that works to brighten dull skin, treat hyperpigmentation and restore aging or damaged skin. This regimen is in three simple steps.

  • Step 1: Cleanse your face as usual. Dampen your face with some water. If you want, you can use lavender or pure rose instead of water.
  • Step 2: Place 2-3 drops of the oil on your hand and apply to the face, gently massage the face with your fingertips until it is totally absorbed.
  • Step 3: Leave for 10-15 minutes (preferably up to 3 hours), then wash off. A light layer (2 drops) of the oil can be left overnight. This will allow for in-depth absorption into the skin, yielding maximum results. Use a mild cleanser to remove the oil the next morning.

Initially, you should use the oil 2-3 times a day for at least a week. After that you can use it once daily. Having considered these steps, please note that there may be slight variations in the application of the oil depending on your skin type. So, you need to know how to use Kumkumadi oil to meet your specific skin care needs.

How to use Kumkumadi tailam for oily face.

When it comes to oily skin types, care should be taken to avoid excessive use of the oil. Kumkumadi oil is recommended for oily skin as it helps to balance skin oiliness and prevents breakouts. However, it is best to apply just 1-2 drops. You can leave it for up to 2 hours and then remove with a mild cleanser. More than 2 drops applied overnight may not be appropriate and could lead to greasy skin and acne.

How to use Kumkumadi tailam for dry skin.

Kumkumadi oil is great for dry skin. 4-5 drops of the oil is appropriate for dry skin. After massaging in the oil, leave it for at least 3 hours. You may also apply it before sleeping. Leaving it overnight gives it sufficient time to sip deep into your skin and moisturise it.

How to use Kumkumadi tailam for face pigmentation.

The usefulness of Kumkumadi oil in skin pigmentation is linked to its skin lightening properties and its ability to inhibit the enzyme responsible for melanin production. For face pigmentation and in treating scars and blemishes, overnight application is required to give the time needed for the oil to sip deep into your skin, to get maximum results.

How to use Kumkumadi tailam for dark circles.

If you have dark circles, you can place 5 drops of the oil on your fingertips and gently rub beneath your eyes for 2 minutes each. You may leave it for 30 minutes and then remove with water. Do this twice daily.

Here are some other tips on how to use Kumkumadi oil to get a glowing face:

  • Wash your hands before applying the oil to your face.
  • Use it consistently for maximum results.
  • When massaging the oil into your skin, be careful to avoid pulling and stretching.
  • It is better not to combine Kumkumadi oil with your night cream. You may use both separately on alternate days especially if you have skin problems.
  • Do not leave the oil on your face throughout the day as exposure to the sun may cause skin tanning.
  • Kumkumadi oil may be used during pregnancy to treat or prevent skin pigmentation on the face or stomach.
  • Kumkumadi oil is not recommended for use in babies.

Note: it is advised that you test Kumkumadi oil on a small skin area before commencing use. This will help you know if you are sensitive to the product. If you notice a pimple, rash, burning or itching sensation, please avoid using it.

In conclusion

For a long time to come, Kumkumadi oil will remain a bestseller in the cosmetic industry. It’s simply a skin miracle in a bottle! Although Kumkumadi oil is spectacular for its skin care benefits, appropriate application is required to give your desired results. Use Kumkumadi oil the right way to get a healthy, glowing face.



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