Best kumkumadi oil

Best Kumkumadi Oil For Dark Circles

Best Kumkumadi Oil is manufactured using an ancient process called taila paka. (it is a process to extract the refined oil from the flowers, barks, leaves, etc.)

The other name for saffron is called as red saffron is called as kumkum. The name is derived from its ingredients in Ayurveda. Thus the name kumkumadi oil is remembered. 

Kumkumadi oil has several benefits for the skin. It is widely recommended to people for its skin benefits. It is a mixture of all the essential oils that are derived from medicinal plants.

Kumkumadi oil is indicated for the treatment of dark circles.

The ingredients present in kumkumadi oil were used by royal people in ancient times. 

In those times, they were no cosmetic products available to apply to enhance their beauty. Thus the ancient royals used natural ingredients that is essential oils, decoction of flowers, herbal roots of the plants, etc to glorify themselves.

Keeping the ancient beauty in mind, the Best kumkumaadi oil is prepared at Vedas cure to retain the healthy skin of the people.

Best Kumkumadi Oil

Vedas Cure manufactures its products to supply in the field of pharmacy or medicine after conducting extensive research on the ingredients, process of preparation, raw materials, etc. 

The final product is achieved by inculcating all the natural, pure organic ingredients into the formulation and at the same time keeping the safety and efficacy of the product with in the normal limits.

Kumkumaadi oil of Vedas cure does not produce any side effects on the skin after using it. It does not cause any skin irritation or itching. 

It is launched into the market after testing it on the healthy as well as affected patients to reserve its safety and efficacy.

Pros Of Kumkumadi Oil:

  • It is prepared using natural and crude oils of intense nourishing flowers and herbs. 
  • To enhance its efficacy, lotus, turmeric and saffron is also added to the preparation.
  • Turmeric has anti-bacterial properties and reduces the risk of infection.
  • Kumkumaadi oil is free from harmful preservatives like methylparaben or propyl parabens.
  • Kumkumaadi oil contains high amounts of antioxidants like carotenoids and crocetin that enhance the look of the skin. It helps reduce the skin dullness around the eyes.
  • The texture of the oil is non-greasy. Hence it makes the application easy and high compliance.
  • Saffron has skin whitening properties. It lightens the dark patches and dark spots on the skin.
  • It invades the skin surface and penetrates deep into the skin. It enhances the appearance of the skin and makes it look young.
  • The name kumkumaadi is taken from the ayurvedic literature that means the miracle oil. It works wonders for the skin. 

Kumkumadi Oilโ€™s Mechanism Of Action:

  • This oil works naturally by enhancing your facial glow. It repairs the damaged skin.
  • Kumkumaadi oil reduces the dullness beneath the eyes caused by sunburn.  
  • Kumkumaadi oil also reduces facial puffiness around the eyes. 
  • Your face looks more beautiful when you have an even tone on your face. The presence of dark circles hinders your overall look of the skin. 
  • Kumkumaadi oil helps reduce pigmentation around the eyes.
  • Kumkumaadi oil has the property to reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.
  • The beneficial effect of this oil has given away to its use in the modern days. Considering it as the ancient magical formula, people use it in their skin for beneficial effects.
  • Kumkumaadi oil improves the tone of the skin below the eyes and uniforms the skin tone.
  • The key ingredients of kumkumaadi oil are saffron, Oudh, manjistha, padmaka, etc. These ingredients are rich in anti-oxidants, skin lightening, and brightening properties, etc.
  • Kumkumaadi oil reduces the dark circles of any etiological factor like stress, anxiety, hereditary or disturbance in the biological cycle.
  • Dark circles may be due to stress and irregular biological cycle. It can be managed easily with the help of kumkumaadi oil.
  • Kumkumaadi ayurvedic oil helps to lighten the dark circles of hereditary origin as well to some extent.

Direction To Use:

  • This oil can be used in the day as well as nighttime. 
  • APPLICATION FOR DAY TIME: wash your face with normal water. Allow your face to dry.
  • Take the generous amount of kumkumaadi oil and apply to your dark circles. 
  • After application, leave it to flourish its wonderful results.
  • APPLICATION FOR NIGHT TIME: cleanse you face with a regular cleanser. 
  • Take few drops of kumkumaadi oil in your fingers and massage it around your eyes. 
  • Give a proper massage on the dark circles. It reduces the dark circles and gives healthy glowing skin.
  • Leave it overnight to gain wonderful results.
  • It can be used by normal skin type, dry skin type, or combination skin type.

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